Day 1

So, the drive home… about 22 miles. I managed to get home on pure electric with a starting charge of about 85%. What really stands out is how quiet it is.

The regenerative braking is not quite how I expected it to work. There are 5 strengths marked clearly on the dashboard from B5 to B1 and then a B0 for off. It is similar to engine braking when you are coasting except it tops up your battery. This is a nice feeling knowing that you are generating your own power, using a combination of gravity and kinetic energy from your 2 tonnes of metal.

I pulled in and plugged in

photo 1

The wall charger has a satisfying clunk when it flicks to charging mode and the light turns green. ( I left the key in for the picture but you can leave it switched on with no key in)

photo 2

And there is a red charging light on the dashboard to signal that the batteries are receiving a charge.

photo 3

So it was left on charge for about 30 minutes before heading back out. Not much chance for it to top up but it gave a range of 10 miles when it was only showing 2 before being plugged in.

The dogs get to see their new spacious walk delivery zone

photo 1 (1)

So trips to the local shops and fill up with Petrol (35.74l) and I’m keen to count how many miles this will last – the odometer says 50 miles.

Back home to charge again and watch the World Cup and log in to the iOS App. There are loads of options on the App to adjust settings you can adjust from the car – not all of them self explanatory. There is some room for improvement on some of the features and lets hope there is an update at some point.

Nearly a full charge and I’m heading out again with the dogs and my bike now using the tow bar as opposed to the roof rack on the old car. I need to get me one of the folding racks so I can open the boot with it still attached.

photo 4


On the drive back I reach 65 mph using electric only. The engine has kicked in a few times normally when putting your foot down or if the EV range is low. It is very quiet and you cannot tell it is on other than the change of status on the dash. I find myself driving more carefully to avoid using the engine.

So having got back I set up the timer to come on at 10pm to make use of the Economy 7 tariff. I pay 14.66p/KWh during the day and 6.78p/KWh after 10pm so I set up the timer on the App where it now shows ‘waiting to charge’.

photo 5


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