Close the door behind you

What could top a Saturday afternoon trip to Lakeside? Maybe bring the wife?

I recently signed up for a source London charging point card so figured it would make a good way of testing it out, and I needed a new suit for work too.
The Source card costs £10 and gives you access to charge points in your region. What is quite annoying is that the local train stations charge point is for East Anglia region meaning another card and another subscription. From memory it is a £10 one off payment although I think this is being changed at the end of the year.

Even with a fair bit of research before hand it was not exactly clear where the charge points would be, but a quick phone call to the centre management, directed me to the Debenhams end, I found it on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park.

They are near the disabled bays so not much walking required to get to the shops. They had two nice blue LED charging points.

So my first tip would be to ignore whatever the display says.

I touched the side of the meter with the Source card and the flap to the plug opened. I was slightly disappointed to find a standard 3 pin plug under it but figured I have one of those in the boot.

So I plug it in and the meter tells me I have used all available minutes of charge. Strange… Another touch of the card and I’m told by the meter that my account is not active. After a fairly useless phone call to enquire if Source could activate my account, I was told an engineer would need to attend to apply an update to the meter. I gave up. Only when putting everything away and the closing the flap (trap door as the French call centre kept calling it) to the plug do I notice the meter spring into life. Another bewildering Frenchism is the Source card is called a tag?!

I’m fairly sure this would have been covered if the phone call to Source had followed any logical problem solving flow chart.

So a quick reassemble of the gubbins and I’m good to go.

I’m starting to know how it feels like to be old or an immigrant, things not making sense and not being able to understand, although I did have man flu so I was not quite with it.

So two hours of peaceful charge for the car, and two differing styles of shopping collide in a busy Lakeside. There is enough charge to find our way out of Lakeside via Tesco. Not really that helpful but better than nothing.






4 thoughts on “Close the door behind you

  1. What if you’d returned from shopping to find your cable gone? I can see these appearing on e Bay once the ex-TomTom thieves get wise…


    • Very true and they aren’t cheap to replace either. Hopefully them being provided with new cars means there won’t be much demand. It’s not too easy to just unplug, there is a metal flap to negotiate, although not impossible negates the opportunist thief


      • Or you could just move the car an inch or two over the cord and they will need a jack to snatch your Cable.


  2. On the release button on the plug that goes into your car, there is a hole you can put a (small) padlock through so it can’t be disconnected from the car.The other option I have heard of is to drive over part of the charge cable so it’s pinned under the wheel.


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