The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

So 3 years is nearly up and I (we) need to decide what to order to replace the trusty PHEV Outlander.

The Good…

Its been a real pleasure to own and love the amount of money it has saved us in fuel. It’s more than capable with long journeys and was really pleased with how it performed when we went to the French Alps in Summer of 2015. I was getting 35mpg cruising at 85mph fully laiden (three bikes, two dogs and one too many camping accessory).

The Bad

The only technical problem we had was that it stopped charging but this was fixed fairly painlessly by Mitsubishi at Chingford all under warranty. I had to wait a couple of weeks for a part to arrive from Japan but at least I could still use it, albeit just like a vanilla hybrid – not too keen on this as the feeling and responsiveness does drop off when  you have zero charge.

The Ugly

This is where I really lay into the awful points of the Outlander. The SatNav is awful, not so much when it is set up but getting it setup is painful. Once done and you are on the move its bearable but finding, selecting and typing on the touch screen is akin to 1990’s technology, the idea is good but the execution is woefully slow.

The app to remote access charging and climate functions does not function as you would expect. It works when connected however it interferes so much with your daily usage of your phone it become so intrusive that after a year I have made the decision to uninstall it. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have gone to my phone to look at something or another and find myself not being able to get online and start trouble shooting my connection only to realise that my phone is connected to the damn car which is off-line. My life has improved significantly by removing the app from my life. I can live with sitting in a cold car for a few minutes over my phone being permanently off-line when I am in range of the car. Its a shame as its not beyond the realms of mankind to make the car’s wifi an access point to connect to my home network and share this connection with my phone to avoid the phone being in an off-line status most of the time.

This  refers to the first edition and have seen the refresh version on the streets. Having test driven this I can see the small improvements to the SatNav but still not convinced it will be a lot better, the app remains the same.

I test drove a Tesla X which is admittedly a different price bracket but is a perfect proof of concept of how technology can be successfully integrated into a car. If only the Tesla 3 was available sooner but it looks like that is some time away.

There is then the Outlander GT PHEV – the GT meaning Ground Tourer which is visually something special, whether it will make it to a showroom near you is yet to be seen but tell me you aren’t tempted…