To Charge or to Save?

Firstly apologies for not updating as regular as I had first intended.

Work has been manic, the weather has got me outside doing all sorts of projects around the house and finally the convenience of the laptop has gone as it has ground to a halt and needs a back up and restore.

Well in answer to the question above… neither… It seems that the car sorts itself out. I filled up the car at 50 miles and have been waiting for it to drop down enough to justify filling it up again. I have now hit 1000 miles and it is still above half a tank.

photo 1 (2)

For me this is an amazing saving. I would normally spend about £100 per month on fuel. I am now spending about £12 per month on electric. Admittedly I have not done any long journeys in it as yet, but I am expecting that this will yield about 30-40 mpg, in line with other large cars.

I have inputted the night rate (10pm – 7am) of our economy 7 tariff into the vehicle touchscreen. I have rounded it up to 7p/KWH.

photo 3

The timer comes in handy as the day rate is nearly 15p/KWH. It is only on the odd occasion we charge during the day and the timer function is really handy for making to most out of a two tier tariff.

The cost in electric to us in July was £12 and August looks like it may be more, but in comparison this is more than acceptable. There are plenty of data screens to analyse your use if this is of interest.

photo 1 photo 2 (1)

I still haven’t read the instructions but last time I checked I was still a man.


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