Why don’t men read instructions?

It is a known fact that men have to learn the hard way – well I have to anyway. Ever since a child I always had to do things my way, and go on my own journey to get to a destination, otherwise easily accomplished by listening to those who already know and have traveled the same journey. If only I could listen – my life would be so much easier.

Well I went out to pick up a folding tow bar mounted bike rack, this one in fact from Thule

You gotta laugh at the music to this – its like, la la la,  life is so simple

Anyway the journey to collect my Ebay purchase was 19 miles away, half of which is dual carriage way 70 mph stuff. So I was led to believe that the engine takes over at about 75mph. Well that theory didn’t pan out. I was pushing in excess of that and still running on electric only. Eventually I got up to a high enough speed the engine did take over in direct contact with the wheels. However this seriously depleted my charge in the batteries. I arrived with not much charge left and picked up the bike rack and stuck it on the tow bar.

photo 3 (2)

The journey back was now an experiment on real world mpg figures and trying to answer a forum question on whether the battery receives charge when the engine is driving the wheels? Well yes it does, but there does not seem to be any science as to when or why.

photo 1 (3)

I then remember the 2 buttons directly below the gear stick which were written off or lost in translation during the hand-over (I did elude to a lot going over my head). One is marked up CHARGE and the other is marked up SAVE.

photo 4 (3)

In my mind I was to use the charge button if I ever wanted to charge the battery form the engine power alone (thinks to self – er, no that’s not very efficient). I’m picturing, sitting still while the engine turns over putting charge in the battery. Well that’s not exactly green.

Ok so SAVE, that may come in handy, one day. I might feel the need to drive into London, just to not pay the congestion charge, and lets say I wanted to have some charge left over when I got there, so I can… urm…  creep around silently, surprising the crack whores and dazzling them with my green  intentions. Well this is where it dawned on me that SAVE would have helped me tonight. I knew what my journey entailed. 50/50 split between dual carriageway and 30/40mph B-roads. In hind sight I would have pressed the SAVE button on the dual carriageway sections and had enough charge for the return journey on the B-roads.

photo 2 (2)

These mpg figures include me pushing the top speed. I am doing the same journey again on Saturday so I will promise to read the instructions to find out what these two magic buttons do (and that damn ECO button which I keep forgetting to press). I’m hoping to see if I can get my mpg down, and of course I will update with the results.







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